Run with my son

Normally our Sundays are packed with soccer and today is no different, but the boys games are scheduled later in the day--so Con and I planned a run this am.  We decided we would sleep until we got up (NO ALARM) have breakfast and then run--3-4 miles. 

It was a perfect day for a run--60s overcast--a typical Fall day.  We ended up doing 3.8 miles and Con was fast--he could have run faster but on 2 of the roads, I made him run behind me.  He broke free of me the last mile--it is so great to see him go--although, part of me is sad because he is outgrowing me.  I remember when he would keep asking me to walk---now, I ask him to slow down--my how the tables have turned.

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Christina said...

I always love reading posts about parents running with their kids. It reminds me of my dad and I on our runs when I was a little kid. :)
These memories are priceless.

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