Do you engage your core when you run?

Started my day with Insanity--I know ironic--isn't everyday insane for a mom.  Anyway....Wednesday is Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group--my weekly volunteer time.  I love this group but sometimes the organization and time that I give is a little overwhelming.  I usually cannot schedule any work appointments on Wednesday since the group is smack in the middle of the day--but I do get to sneak my workouts in.  I usually workout in am and then run after group.

Today we meet at Thompson Park for a Stroller Strides demo class--it was a lot of fun.  I wish they had classes like that when my kiddies were little.  I was able to sneak in a 2 mile run after---my right hamstring is still a little sore--but not painful---I tried to keep a short stride and keep the pace moderate.  My left Achilles was also acting up--but it felt fine when I ran--a few minor twinges only.

I broke out my new black running shoes--I know BLACK---I hate black shoes, especially sneakers---but I figured they would be great for hitting the trails.

Here are the new sneaks (I am addicted to all Brooks gear):

Perfect for running trails like this one--Rugby trail at Thompson:

I am running at Sandy Hook on Friday and I really want to get a 5-6 mile run in there.

I also tried to engage my core when I ran--does anyone else do this?  My core is my trouble area---I am holding on to extra padding there and I really want to get rid of it.

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