Scheduled Group Runs Week of October 18th

Scheduled Group Runs Week of October 18th:

Tuesday, October 19th 10:30 am Thompson 2-3
Friday, October 22nd 9:30 am Library Loop 2-3

Could you please text me “the am of” if you are planning on making the runs,thanks.

I will try to sneak at least one more run in during the week (Wednesday) and one on the weekend (longer 4-5 mile runs)—just cannot coordinate time right now—please let me know if you want to try to coordinate these with me.

Don’t forget---LADIES NIGHT OUT November 13th (the night of The Beauty and The Beach Run)---mark your calendars!

Thundercheese in Sea Bright, ---leave your sneakers at home and put on your dancing shoes. The more the merrier!

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