7 Miles with my Running Partner

Headed over to Cross Farms this am for a 7 mile run--a few ladies had asked what time and where I was running during the week (had me questioning the effectiveness of the weekly running email), so I was hoping someone would show up--alas, no one did.  Due to all the rain, I figured the rugby loop and the trails would be too muddy, so I did the figure 8 at Cross Farms until I hit 2 miles and then I wanted to hit the road, but tummy troubles started to hit me first.  Just when I was about to stop for my first BR trip, I ran into N--YEAH!

I love running with N on Sunday morning.  Although she swears I do not hold her back, we slip into a comfortable pace together and push each other to do "more" whether it is pace or mileage.  She makes me a better runner.  She did a loop while I hit the BR and then we went off--we decided to hit the road and along the way saw so doggies, a dead deer, and some beautiful farms.  I learned that N is afraid of dogs, of all sizes--I will remember this next time and form my human shield.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day to run. N--you know you are my running partner.

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Christina said...

Beautiful pictures. Look so peaceful. :)

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