Sunday Trail Run

5 Miles on the agenda today.  I headed over to Cross Farms Park in Holmdel so I could do 1/2 paved trail 1/2 dirt trail---this is one of my favorite running routes. 

It was hot and slightly humid and as a last minute decision I decided to bring my Nathan hand held water bottle--usually I do not carry water, especially on runs less than 5 miles, but I do not do well in the heat.  Thank god, I brought the water--buy the end of the 5 miles, I had finished the whole thing.
I have been dehydrated due to the vacation--did not keep my fluids up.  Trying to get back into good water habits.  

I knew the trail would keep me slow, what I did not anticipate was how slow-----I expected to maintain 11:30 min/mile on the trails and instead I ended up with the following splits (first and last mile are on paved path--miles 2, 3, 4 trail):
Avg Pace
100:10:13 1.00 10:13
200:11:04 1.00 11:04
300:13:28 1.00 13:28
400:12:36 1.00 12:36
500:10:18 1.00 10:20

The trail was dark and cool, a perfect place to run on a hot day. 

I wish I had maintained a more even pace.  I love running trails, but I forgot how much harder it can be--my quads are on fire.


Lauren said...

I know what you mean! The one time I ran trails it made me so slow I never did it again, I just got frustrated constantly having to look at my feet :-/

Great job!

Racy Runner said...

Lauren, I love your blog and I can not wait to hear your review of the Garmin 610--I have the 305 but I am a technology geek.


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