Move it Fat ***

Fitness Goals:

1) Build Endurance for longer runs--Sunday long runs 10+ miles
2) Get stronger and faster--9 min/mile pace for 5 mile run
3) Lose the stubborn 10-15 pounds--who am I kidding, this is number one goal

I am planning my running routine for the next few months and I want a plan to address actual measurable goals--by November

My desire to lose these stubborn unwanted pounds is enough to get my big butt (actually I have no butt, but Move it Muffin Top does not get me motivated as much as Move it Fat ***) out the door.

No plan for today's run--I know, bad running coach.  I just wanted to move for 30 minutes and I had a lot to think about--ended up with 4 slow miles and HILLS.

Today's song, Mr Saxobeat, Alexandra Stan

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