Post Irene Run

This is the first run in a long time that felt good--felt like I finally got my mojo back.  Headed out late this evening; I usually run in the am or early afternoon.  The weather was perfect and today was so crazy.  We are still dealing with the aftermath of Irene and although we did not lose power, almost all our neighbors did.  

Today I got a call early just when Con and I were about to get into our Insanity routine, letting us know that we had to clean out our Spring Lake South End Pavilion locker TODAY.  I know that no one is to blame for Irene, but having had a child in a cast all summer and not being able to use the beach, badges, locker until a week ago, only to find out now our summer is cut even shorter HURTS.  Normally we would have beach and locker access until October---now we can still visit the beach but we will have to battle the crowds who are being herded to the North end beach that remains open.  We will have limited parking and have to schlep all of our CRAP back and forth--boogie boards, chairs, surf board--along with beach bag and lunch bag--YUCK--that is why we pay for the locker.

OK--enough of that---I am breaking open the red wine right now.  My run tonight was awesome--5.5 miles and I felt GREAT!!!!!!!

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