We Found a Treasure!

C and I had our long run planned for today--at least 5 miles was our goal.  We have been waking up early all week and decided to sleep into today.  I slept until 8 (VERY late for me) and he did not wake up until 10---ahhh, to be young.  Needless to say we got a slow start and ended up getting to Manasquan Reservoir at the heat of the day--thankfully the trail is pretty shady.

I love running at the Reservoir, but I had not been there in awhile.  One of the last times I was there with the running group, training for the 1/2---Nikki and I found Alvin in a tree, click HERE to read about it.

Today, in the same tree-----WE FOUND A TREASURE!
This is a magical tree--who ever is leaving these fun things in the tree----THANK YOU! C thought it was a riot.  No one else noticed the treasure---we were meant to find it (and of course we left it there for the next person to discover)--we will have to think of our own tree treasure to bring next time.

After that C wanted to stop and take a ZILLION photos.  Here is one of a FUNKY caterpillar we found.
We ended up walking more than I like--but we had a great day.  6 miles (run/walk)--.5 mile cool down.  Then we were off buying our Stream Machines for tomorrows white water rafting trip.  I have a feeling I am going to be really wet and really cold tomorrow:)

I had to remind C we would be back for more runs--but he could not resist taking the following shots.

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Christina said...

I would be spooked to find something, anything in the tree. But then again, I'm a big chicken.

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