Ok, I need to kick it up a notch

I feel great---but alas, no weight loss and I am still wearing my larger size 6s---what is up?  I am not giving up---I am still working for that 10-15 lb loss of extra weight I am carrying around--I am still working for ab definition--but I wish I could catch a break.  I have tried all different exercises to jump start any weight loss with no success.  I have 30 days left on P90X--I am counting on those being my lucky days.  I plan on increasing the running come September when the kids return to school and C and I will start Beachbody Insanity once P90X is completed.

Our run yesterday was hard for me--C had tons of energy, while I struggled to keep moving.  I am determined to do this---here it goes, my positive reaffirmation:

I will lose weight, 10-15 lbs.
I will fit into all of my clothes.
I will strive to be strong
I will work towards running a marathon

I will continue to work hard and BRING IT!


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