Day 57 P90X cardio

Today was our 57th day of P90X and although I have not lost ANY weight--I feel great and I still have over 30 days to go (C by the way looks great and is VERY proud of his emerging 6 pack).  Today was a cardio day for us and C and I decided to get a run in.  We had not run since last Sat and the weather today was PERFECT--79 degrees, overcast, and looking like it was on the verge of a summer rain shower.

We headed over to Cross Farms Park--our goal was 5 miles.  Our plan is to run a 1/2 marathon together in late Winter early Spring, to train using J. Galloway's run/walk method, and to get AT LEAST 2-3 runs a week--with a long run on weekend.  

C started off the run in the wrong frame of mind--"I am so tired, I don't think I can do it...." and he couldn't--it just wasn't his day.  Even though we ended up with more walk breaks than planned we finished 5 miles--1 hour.  C felt bad, he knew he held me back---I had to explain, that I have had those days too and there will be times when I will hold him back--but he also recognized that I pushed him too---that is what partners are for.

We are loving P90X and have ordered INSANITY----we are hooked.  When school starts back up, I know it will be easier for me to get the runs in (not to mention work appointments)---but for C we will have to wait to see how it fits into his schedule (with school work, travel soccer, refereeing, and cross country---wow, he will be getting plenty of workouts, no worries).

We were able to check out the old cemetery at Cross Farms today--oldest grave we could read was 1701--was it an old family plot or community plot?  Who preserves the land?  WHAT IS THE STORY??? we want to know
We saw this hole on our last run on this trail---we are dying to know what made/lives in it---well maybe dying is not the best choice of words:)
Here is C's favorite spot on the trail--we have to stop each time we pass it---there was a cool breeze off the water today--felt great!

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