Holmdel Park Trail

C and I headed off to Holmdel Park this am---or should I say early afternoon. Ideally, I would run right after my am coffee; waiting for a teenager to get out of bed on a Sunday morning is tortuous.

I really wanted to run 6 today, but we only made it to 3.45. We took the trails through the woods and the hill really killed me. I could have kept going using the 3:1 run/walk but C was done. The trails through the woods are awesome.  This is a tough cross country course--HILLS.
Here we are at the end---SWEATY!
We have been loving our post recovery GREEN MONSTER drink--Protein Powder (Biochem), Soy or Almond Milk, Greek Yogurt, Fruit (usually 2 bananas), and Amazing Grass Super Green Food---YUUUM!


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Mike Russell said...

So much fun to run with your boy -- can't wait until mine gets bit by the running bug.

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