I Love Running with my SON!

I took Conor to run the new trail I found the last weekend.  I had been waiting to take him; between soccer camps, lax camps, work, errands--yesterday was our first chance to go.  It was HOT and HUMID, but I knew the trail was shaded and I hoped we would have a nice breeze off the lake.

It was a great run.  Conor had some trouble with the heat and tripped a dozen times on the tree roots.  He was not watching the trail--he was watching everything else.  It was so neat running with him--he noticed so much more of our surroundings than I did (hence the tripping).  I loved exploring with him and can not wait to find a new trail.

We stuck with the 3:1 run/walk ratio---ended up with a slower run than I hoped for but did I mention the humidity.



Emz said...

So amazing. Love this.

Can't wait to do this with my Peanut when it's not 112.

Sorry, if I missed this but how old is Connor?

Racy Runner said...

He is going to be 13 in a few weeks (7th grade). He runs x-c for school (the running also helps his soccer & Lax). My other 2 little ones want nothing to do with running (yet):)

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