P90X Day 25 Am I Getting Results?

Well, it is official---this is our first week of summer vacation and we have not found our Summer Groove--but we are getting there.  Unfortunately finding our Groove is at the expense of running--fortunately, I can still find ways to fit P90X into the schedule with the boys at home.  The past couple of days, Conor and I did the program before we headed off to the beach--it seems to be working out well.

There are definitely some workouts that I like better than others in the program and I am just now learning to like Tony's goofy sense of humor--finding it endearing more than annoying which is how I felt in the beginning.  I LOVE Kenpro, all the weight workouts, and plyometrics---but the Yoga drives me crazy.  I love yoga, but this workout is boring and I will gladly skip it and substitute something/anything else in it's place.  I know this is cheating--but a little manipulation can't be so bad.

Con and I have both noticed a difference and although I am not ready to take (or post) full body shots---(I am holding out for the muffin top to disappear)---here is an arm shot.  

I never had muscular arms--just skinny little twigs (my legs are freaky muscular but the arms--not so much)---so this is definitely new. 


Emz said...

Yay for you AND your guns!!


Christina said...

Nice guns!

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