How do you handle the heat?

I know it is summer and the weather is supposed to be warm--but this heat/humidity seems excessive here in the NE.  It does not matter whether it is early, evening, or night time--it is plain HOT and the humidity just adds the extra kicker.

Conor and I have been working on our P90X.  Tony Horton, we are BRINGING IT.  We have decided to add more running into our regimen--our goal is to run every other day along with the P90X.  I have got to say, running is always hard for me---but I did not expect it to feel like I was starting from scratch.  I had gotten to the point where a 4-5 mile run was my short day--now a mile is a struggle.  Can I blame it on the heat?

We ran a few times on vacation and Con would ask to walk about .5 miles into the run and run/walk the rest---well, yesterday he kicked my butt.  He ran the whole 3 miles and could have gone further, while I did a RUN-WALK-RUN-HIKE-RUN-WALK-RUN combo---struggling to keep the nausea at bay.

Part of the trail is running through the woods and it was so beautiful.  I felt like I could have run around in there forever--it was so much cooler that the hot blaring sun at 6pm at night.

We ran around the polo field.  They were setting up for a polo match and the horses were being lead out of the trailers.  They were so pretty and regal looking.
If this heat and humidity does not break, I am going to have to find a way to deal with the heat (the treadmill is my least favorite option, but I will tackle it if I have to).


Bethany + Ryan said...

heat is tricky but usually gets easier! I often take my shirt off and run in the shade. sometimes i take scheduled walk-breaks if its really hot. i carry water too. usually go at night, NO hat or visor, that makes me hotter! and i think about january, LOL, i'd take the heat over 10 degrees, i think about all those slippery runs and how miserable i feel in jan. and then in jan i think about how hot and miserable i feelin july, lol. :-p Whatever you do, don't let the heat win!

Emz said...

I just crank up the AC and run on the mill - I know this is not everyone's favorite choice. But I LOVE IT!

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