Parker House Fun Run 2010

Parker House 2 Mile Fun Run today in Sea Girt.  This was my first year running this race---remember, new runner since August 2009--so never had an interest before, but I can see this being an annual event.

Conor ran with me along with my brother, Amy (my future sister in law), and some Colts Neck Friends.  Here we are post race:

 I was worried about the heat (I know, I know--get over it--it is summer, what do I expect)--but rumor had it this was the hottest day of the summer.  I figured, I would be OK--after all it was only 2 miles and I could go slow.  My only goal was NO WALKING!  The last few weeks my runs have been short, sparce, slow and including walking--so this was going to be a feat.

I was able to keep moving and I could have sworn I was running a 10 min/mile pace--I refused to look at the Garmin (although I could not convince myself not to wear it---you know how I love that data).  I ended up finishing in 16:52 min--but the race was a little short of 2 miles (1.88 miles according to garmin)---all in all, not so bad.  Under cooler conditions I think I could have run faster.

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