Home Sweet Home

I have fallen behind in my posts due to our annual trek to Florida.  Usually friends wonder, "Why Florida"---who travels to Fl in their right mind during the summer???  Well, this was our 9th annual trip there and the first time that it was actually cooler in Fl then back here in the NE.  My mom is from Scotland and her sister and my cousins (our only family on maternal side) reside in TX---we all meet in Fl every year.  My kids love it--time with their cousins and a week of swimming in the warm Atlantic.

We got to boogie board everyday--the water was amazingly warm and the currents/waves are never as strong as at the Jersey Shore--so no worries of rip currents while we were there.  Conor and I were able to do some of our P90X routines (we brought the laptop and bands) and we ran a couple of days while we were away.  Although we did not exercise everyday, I think we did pretty good for being on vacation (workouts posted to Dailymile, I love this site).

We ended up at starting the trip at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.  It was so much fun and all my boys loved it.  I loved it too---I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  

We tried to eat well--but it is virtually impossible in an area where fast food and franchise restaurants overpopulate the state---thank god for our garmin---we were able to track down some out of the place Thai restaurants and whole foods options.  My kids have an aversion to fast food too--they will tell people that "we don't eat at McDonalds"---I love it!

I am happy to be home----whenever we go on vacation I turn into a "clean freak"--mopping, bed stripping, dusting dynamo--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of coming home to a clean house---Home Sweet Home!

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