Second Run of the Day

My name is Casi L, and I am addicted to P90X and Insanity.  I can't remember how I learned about P90X--I think through a running blog.  I ordered it over a year ago and my son and I did a full round last summer and we use the workouts for times when we are not running or can't get out of the house.  I LOVE that he does them with me.  We have been doing Insanity lately and loving it--we finally made it to the point where we can do the warmup without hitting pause (for those of you who don't know what this workout is like--It is INSANE:)

I ordered Insanity Asylum for his upcoming birthday.  I can't wait to try it out with him

In true teenage fashion, he has been sleeping late this summer and since we are stuck at home with gimpy (my youngest son broke his leg the first day of summer), I don't mind the late starts.   However, if it were up to me and we would be up and at the beach before the first Bennie hit the parkway.  I love the beach in the morning when we have the whole place to ourselves.

Usually, I will run in the am before Con wakes up and then we will do a workout together.  This morning I did 2 on the TM (it was very HUMID) as my warmup to Insanity.  Tonight after running errands and getting Con to the camp carpool, I was sitting reading my Runner's World magazine with a cup of tea--when the urge came over me---I wanted to run again.  So I laced up the sneaks and headed out for a quick 3.  Still humid--but it felt good to get out there and sweat.

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Lauren said...

great double workout!

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