5 Miles--with stops

I have the best intentions of getting up early and running.  I was up this morning but after making coffee and checking emails the time was gone.  Ended up sneaking 5 in at lunch time--isn't the perfect time to run at high noon (sarcastically said).

I have been taking breaks when running outside lately--not happy about it, but it is the only way I am getting the runs done.  Tried to work on slowing down but this is going to require some practice.  I have a feeling this is a big reason why my legs are blowing out in the run and I need breaks--if I just keep it at a slower pace I would keep it steady.  

Goal this week---NO WINE.  I have gotten caught up in summer mode and have been enjoying a glass or two at night---if I am going to lose this 10-15 pounds and improve my runs, I have to get rid of it.  Wish me luck.

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Lauren said...

Oh man cutting out the wine?? Good luck! And I agree, who cares about breaks as long as you get it done! It's stinkin hot out!

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